About Me


I love babies as much as you do. I love those precious little toes and fingers, the sweet little laughs, and even those huge messes that take forever to clean up. I also love seeing our children in beautiful, classic, and modern clothing that is comfortable to wear even while working up a sweat playing. 

I created the Nordic Baby Boutique because I believe that parents should have access to modern, high-quality clothing in classic Nordic and European styles that fit their lifestyle. 

Growing up in Iceland, I developed an appreciation for the simple classic styles that Icelandic parents traditionally chose for their children. The warm colours, the natural materials, and the exceptional quality of the clothes was extremely appealing. 

I later moved to Canada, where I found it hard to find modern, trendy good quality Nordic clothing. That is why I decided to create a store for people like me that were looking for modern, classic, and beautiful styles that caught the eye and warmed the heart.

My goal is to provide my customers with clothing and accessories that are not only beautiful and high quality but provided to you at the best price.