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  • Crying baby, Desperate Mother and Peaceful Heart

    My son used to cry from 8 pm to 2 am every night. He did this for months. I watched every episode of life in the ER for about half a year and felt pretty confident by the end that I could remove a knife from your skull and do surgery to save your life. Ridiculous I know but that is what all of those months of watching does to a brain. My husband worked all day so I felt I should take care of everything regarding the children.
  • What I learned as a mother of 4

    When I think back on my kids I feel a sense of sadness. They are amazing and wonderful kids today and I am proud of them like no tomorrow but they are grown. I think back and I can´t remember everything. I have fuzzy images of their beautiful little faces, their funny expressions and the way they moved. Everything about them is precious.
  • Baby´s first week, expectations, milestones and tips.

    There are so many firsts for your newborn, the first time you hold them in your arms, that first cry, the first diaper change, the first night of their life. These are all exciting times, but you have a lifetime of firsts ahead of you. 
  • Why Beachwood teething toys are the natural choice

    Description Beech-wood Teething Ring helps soothe teething babies…the natural way! If you are a parent is who is  super-concerned about plastics or...
  • The Pro's and Con's of using a Pacifier

    The Pro's of using a pacifier Babies have an innate need to suck from birth. To satisfy that need it is often soothing to them to use pacifiers.  ...
  • The top 5 Benefits of Breastfeeding

    The decision to breastfeed or bottlefeed is an individual choice that is if it is even a choice. Some mothers or parents only have the potion of b...
  • First year Milestones, 12 Months of Fabulous Firsts

    Having a baby is an exciting time in your life. It is full of firsts, full of anticipation for new milestones and full of wonderful surprises. After 9 months of waiting, you fall in love with this new little life that is put into your arms. Every movement and sound is a source of amazement. You and look forward to what each day will bring, watching for anything new or unexpected.