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We love this unique stabilizing pillow that will help to keep your baby securly in the same position as they sleep. By ensuring that you can keep your infant stabalizes you can prevent flat head syndrome where the baby can develop a flat head when they are constantly lying in the same position. To prevent this it is recommended to rotate the sleeping position of your baby. With this baby body stabilizer, you can put your baby to sleep on alternate sides without the worry that the baby will fall over to one side. 

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The Toddlekind Leaf Mat

These gorgeous baby leaf mats are made from luxurious organic cotton. They are perfect for that tummy time or early play that enhances your babies development.

These mats are a perfect addition to your home adding a soft, stylish layer to your reading or playtime space.

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  • We have toys!

    Take a look at our beautifully crafted woodenstacking toys, puzzles and imaginary play toys. We have infant stacking toys. We have cute soft stuffed animals and dolls too.

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  • Not your mothers diaper bag!

    When it comes to diaper changing we are pro´s. Our diaper bags are multifunctional and stylish both for mom and dad. We have diaper changing pads, cloth diapers and more.

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  • Splish Splash we have swimming suits

    You would be hard pressed to find a kid that does not want to go swimming ALL THE TIME which is why we have the BEST bathing suits out there.

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  • Take a hike....together

    We have ergonomic baby carriers, baby slings, stroller accessories and more. We have got you covered in the rain, snow sleet and sun.

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  • It is chow time

    We have a great selection of eco friendly cups, plates, bowls and snack cups. We have sippy cups with lids and straws, silicone bibs and dinnerware sets.

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  • Sooth those pearly whites

    We carry soft and flexible silicone teething toys, crochet animal teething toys and wooden toys to sooth those gums and make your baby smile again.

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