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Why Beachwood teething toys are the natural choice - Sweet Jungle Baby

Why Beachwood teething toys are the natural choice


Beech-wood Teething Ring helps soothe teething babies…the natural way!

If you are a parent is who is  super-concerned about plastics or your baby’s reactions to rubber, then this Beech-wood Teether is the one for you. Teething can be rough on babies, whose cute little gums begin to show teeth. Therefore choosing a wooden teething ring that is natural, chemical free as well as plastic-free is the best choice for both baby and mom.

Teething rings provide something which a baby can rub or gnaw against his or her gum to help alleviate the unpleasant sensation. Apart from helping to soothe the gum, they are also a bit of enjoyment to kids who like to hold things in their hands and put them in their mouths. Develop fine motor skills and self-entertain with tactile play. Easy to grab and go for daily errands, car rides and travelling.

Product Features:

  • Perfect for teething infants 
  • Eco-Friendly 
  • Natural, chemical free, and plastic-free product
  • Perfect for first clutching and fine motor skills
  • Suitable age: 5 months to 24 months

Why does wood make the best baby teether? Research might surprise you.

Natural beech-wood is a great choice since it is a non-splintering hardwood that is not only chemical-free but it is antibacterial, and shock-resistant.

The teethers, are hand-sanded to a smooth and silky finish.

They are easy to clean just wipe with a damp cloth.

Hardwood may not seem like the most comfortable material for teething children to gnaw on, but having something harder than silicone on hand is actually very beneficial. The resistance that hardwood gives will help strengthen the teeth and their roots.

Also, unlike hard plastic, hardwood has natural antimicrobial and has antibacterial properties that will kill contaminants rather than letting them sit on the surface keeping it safe for your baby to put in its mouth. This is why classic wooden toys and teethers can be more hygienic than their plastic counterparts.

Parents worry, we worry about whether our babies are eating enough, if we are feeding them solid food to early, if we should introduce a new food, shouldn´t they be getting teeth by now and how much pain the teething is causing them.

This is natural since babies are all unique and will have different needs at different times. While you can’t control everything your baby is exposed to but you can make a simple choice to give them a natural option to help with teething. 

We all want to give our baby the best.  That’s why our beech wood teethers make it easy and affordable for parents to buy safe and quality wood teethers.  for their babies.

Our wood teethers, made of sanded down beech wood, are naturally safe for your baby to put in their mouth.  

In fact, scientists have found beech wood to be one of the top three woods that have the highest decrease rate in “bacterial titre”. 

In a study by Koch et al in 2002 comparing bacterial survival on wood, plastic, and steel, they found bacteria survived longest on plastic followed by stainless steel.

Not only are the beech wood teethesr antibacterial, they are also 100% natural. You will have peace of mind knowing you are giving your baby the best teether on the market. 

We have many styles to choose from such as elephants, birds, cats, Koalas, Lions and many more. 

Check out our selection here. 

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