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Baby Sleeping Bag and Hat Set
infant sleeping bag
Baby Sleeping Bag and Hat Set - Sweet Jungle Baby
Baby sleeping bag
baby swaddle
baby girl sleeping bag
baby boy sleeping bag
Baby Sleeping Bag and Hat Set - Sweet Jungle Baby

Baby Sleeping Bag and Hat Set

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This super-soft cotton polyester blend swaddle has a convenient zipper closure making it easy to snuggle your baby in a cozy swaddle.  

  1. Not sure if your baby is too hot or too cold? Don't worry this swaddling blanket keep your baby at the perfect temperature
  2. Wondering what to do to calm your baby's colic? Try swaddling your baby; it gives them a feeling of security.
  3. Help your newborn feel secure, Swaddling recreates the secure and cozy feeling of the womb.
  4. Reduce the startle reflex that comes right as they are falling asleep. Swaddling minimizes the Moro Reflex. 
  5. Be happier, A swaddled baby is a happy baby and a happy baby makes everyone happy. 
This popular gender-neutral blanket is perfect as a swaddle, a light blanket or a nursing cover. This blanket is also perfect as a baby shower gift. Frequently bought in more than one color for variety. 

Colors - Red Fox, Yellow Banana, Brown, Blue Panda, Pink Flamingo Black Soda

Materials – 100% Cotton
Styles – Swaddle Sleeping bag
Available sizes 62-68 (03-06M)

  1. machine wash
  2. tumble dry low
  3. do not bleach