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  • Crying baby, Desperate Mother and Peaceful Heart

    My son used to cry from 8 pm to 2 am every night. He did this for months. I watched every episode of life in the ER for about half a year and felt pretty confident by the end that I could remove a knife from your skull and do surgery to save your life. Ridiculous I know but that is what all of those months of watching does to a brain. My husband worked all day so I felt I should take care of everything regarding the children.
  • What I learned as a mother of 4

    When I think back on my kids I feel a sense of sadness. They are amazing and wonderful kids today and I am proud of them like no tomorrow but they are grown. I think back and I canĀ“t remember everything. I have fuzzy images of their beautiful little faces, their funny expressions and the way they moved. Everything about them is precious.