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How to burp your baby.

My daughter told me the other day that you don´t have to burp your baby. Well I am ancient compared to her. I only brought up 4 babies and burped them all. 

Today things seem to be different. No burping, put them on their back to sleep, schedule everything. I don´t know. I raised 4 babies with the help of my mother that gave me advice. 

I was told to rotate the baby from side to side, and back so they would not have a misshapen head. I was told if they cry maybe they have gas, I was told if they cry undress them and check their toes to see if one of your hairs is around their baby toes. 

A naked baby crying with nothing that you can see wrong with them is a baby you need to hear the cry and disipher as OK or a problem. 

I found many ways to burp my baby, on my shoulder, in my arms while I held their prestigious head or on my knees. 

That´s what I learned. 

Today my daughter does not want me to talk about negative things around her under 12 month old. Am I that old that I am out of the loop? I think That is a positive thing.

 What I know is that at 8 months the itsy bitsy spider heals all ills. Seeing Amma ( grandma) makes her happy and if I need a pick me up all I need is to see that baby. Seeing her cures all my ills. It picks me up, makes me happy and cures all negative feelings I have. Thank god she calls me almost every day so that I always have a pick me up. 

Don´t get me wrong my daughter would give me the same joy. My granddaughter gives me a second chance of doing it right. 

If I am so fortunate that I can be in her life (Covid) then I will be happy. I am not old nor am I senile, god forbid. Crazy, cant follow directions, always get lost but sharp as a whip in business and a mom. 

I will continue to find fun songs with hand motions and will continue my FB calls and one day will be there. Will I feel the same way about her as my kids? I think not.It is different to be an amma, it is in some ways better because you have a second chance. I will do everything in my power to be the best Amma I can.



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